Release Date Sept/Oct 2016

A New World Book 2

The Neuroscience and Technology of Enlightenment 



A New World: Book II: The Neuroscience and Technology of Enlightenment


Science will brings us spiritual enlightenment

This book presents a unique and very realistic perspective, one that most spiritual seekers either have never thought possible or believed was wrong. Many believe science and technology are the problem, so we need less to survive and we should mimic ancient meditation practices or follow traditional region. On the other hand, radical scientific advocates of technological enhancement, such as Transhumanists, believe we will upload ourselves into computers and/or become cyborgs with brain and body implants creating a type of cyberspirituality.

However, the advocates of either Transhumanists versions do not believe in the primacy of consciousness, and this transition is a spiritual evolution, too. Just having smarter, faster brains doesn’t give us the sense of compassion and love and connectedness to everyone else nor the wisdom to deal with the enormity of what we are unleashing upon ourselves. Book 2 recognises and incorporates aspects of these technological approaches but provides an alternative that uses technology to create enlightenment, similar to traditional ideas of enlightenment. We need more technology not less but different to what we have today applied in a different way.

We must evolve with neurotechnology

All metaphysically-minded commentators and spiritual teachers advocate the raising of consciousness as a necessity for our survival. They usually explore how this is happening by pointing out renewed interest in eastern philosophies, meditation, practising gratitude, and other practices. However, emulating ancient practices is not enough; neither are new age gimmicks, NLP, brain games or social media interactions, proposed by many commentators. These methods are too slow, too hard and not powerful enough. The change is coming too fast; we don’t have time.

Traditional techniques of every form of meditation hit a limit thousands of years ago. Science will take us beyond the knowledge and technologies of the past to give enlightenment to the masses with neurotechnologies in a way and speed that has never been possible before. This change is absolutely important for our survival now and into the future. With the ever advancing understanding of the brain, we already have applied neurotechnologies for healing, peak performance and raising of consciousness. It details possible advances over the next twenty to fifty years to eventual full blown neurotechnologies of enlightenment for the masses.

The neuroevolutionary model of evil and enlightenment

We have primitive or animalistic drives, which are hardwired into the oldest parts of the brain. Whereas, the most human qualities that separate us from animals and make us civilised like, self control, reasoning, planning, mathematical and musical appreciation, compassion, empathy, joy and spiritual awareness are hardwired into the most recent and human part of the brain—the prefrontal cortex. We swapped are instinctive innocence for conscious, rational awareness. Therefore if the animal brain controls the human brain either covertly or overtly, it produces all forms of evil, seen as the dark side of human nature.

Neurotechnology can strengthen the control of the human brain, reduce the influence of the animal brain and amplify the qualities of the human brain, raising our sentient fitness, which is the neuroscience of basic enlightenment. Models such as these along with the techniques to apply them will play an important role in the acceptance and healing between atheism and spirituality and in uplifting humanity, so we can survive the transition.

The neurocomputational model of the ego

The brain generates a virtual reality of our world and a virtual intelligence that compares with ancient descriptions of our ego and sense of self, which is a type of illusion or zombie. Consciousness is the key to transcend the lower virtual self. A mechanism in the brain for quantum computation that has recently been verified by experiment, could be the doorway to consciousness.


Book II Contents

Section One: Models of Mind

The Brain as a Biocomputer

Observer Created Reality

Sharing Our Reality

Our Senses Filter Our Experience

A Crocodile and Wolf Filter Our Experience!

Neurochemistry Filters Our Experience

Our Software Filters Our Experience

Conditioning Filters Our Experience

Experience Shapes Us

We Language Our Experience

Our Head is Full of Filters

We See Things Not as They Are But as We Are

Perception as a Bio-cognitive Virtual Reality

The Ecology of Mind

The Virtual Self

The Self

Does the Brain Create Consciousness?

The Computational Mind

The Quantum Mind

Imaginary Numbers and the Non-computational Mind

The Information Mind

The Totality of Mind

Mechanisms of the Non-computational Mind

Manifestations of the Non-computational Mind


Section Two: Evolving and Enhancing Our Brains

Evolution as the Rise of Mind

Traditional Enlightenment

Computational Models of Enlightenment

Evolutionary Systems and Singularities––The Scientific View

Shift of the Ages––The Ancient’s View

The Cosmic Joke

Human Evil

Self Actualisation

Subjective Neurotechnologies of the Past

New Technologies for Enlightenment

Uploads the Materialist Version of Enlightenment

Harnessing the Plasticity of the Brain

Objective Neurotechnologies of the Present

The Development of Current Neurotechnologies

Objective Neurotechnologies of the Future


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