Spiritual Metaphysics

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I have written this book series to begin building bridges between differing worldviews, leading to a new metaphysical scientific worldview or spiritual metaphysics. Metaphysical is an adjective that means pertaining to the philosophical study of being and knowing. We need to be prepared to let go of cherished ideas about ourselves and reality, in the area of spirit, science and metaphysics. We are witnessing the biggest changes in human history; we need to understand where these changes are taking us, and how we can direct them. If ever there was a time to build bridges and not burn them, it is NOW! The survival of humanity and our enlightenment is up to us. The good is getter better and the bad is getting worse, it’s a race against time, which we can win if we act.


Spirit science and metaphysics

I thank all of the ancient mystics and philosophers who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of enlightenment. These courageous and extraordinary individuals have led humanity by example, demonstrating the immense evolutionary potential of the human mind through spiritual metaphysics. They have gone where others have feared to tread and brought back secrets of the unfathomable mysteries of the universe. They have supplied us with not only highly sophisticated models of mind, consciousness and reality but also practical applications of this knowledge and great timeless wisdom. They have foreseen the great evolutionary transition of humanity and left us their advice on how best to navigate it.

I thank all the scientists whose works I have read, they have been an inspiration. I respect their achievements, innovation and willingness to think outside the box and to courageously pursue new frontiers in the true spirit of science. It’s hard to challenge the scientific orthodoxy when faced with criticism. Only by pushing the envelope of our beliefs and understanding and learning from the past, will we be able to lift ourselves sufficiently to survive the transition. The more scientists and thinkers who thrive in this spirit, the more hopeful I am we will make it!


The quantum vacuum is a higher dimension

I originally wrote this book series between 1997 and 2001, since then I have substantially improved and extended my model of the quantum vacuum as a higher dimension, including an extension of the cosmological implications and new ideas on technological possibilities, which I believe will form the basis of a spiritual metaphysics. Many of the things I predicted have happened, some things didn’t happen at all or went in an unexpected direction, but basically it is moving along the way I envisioned in good and bad ways. Nothing has changed in quantum theory; physicists still believe they are dealing with the small scale end of space-time and not a higher dimension, so the field is as stuck as ever. String theory hasn’t produced the breakthrough it promised, even with an enormous amount of physicists working on it now for over twenty years. I believe it won’t due to the erroneous belief described above.


Consciousness is fundamental

The consciousness debate has heated up and become more extensive, driven as I predicted largely by the rapid improvement of AI and robotics, which we are finally beginning to see. This is forcing us to understand more about what makes us different, less or more than AI and will be another factor that helps to combine science and spirituality.


1-2However, the mainstream are still completely convinced that consciousness is created by the brain and as I had thought, the better AI gets the more convinced of that they are and that AI will also be conscious. I came up with an idea in 2014, I call the conscious observer test using the double slit experiment, to test if AI is conscious. There has been an exciting breakthrough with experimental proof of quantum coherence in neuronal microtubules, which adds weight to the Orch OR model of quantum consciousness in the brain. This is important as it’s indirect proof that the brain mediates and not generates consciousness, which means it’s a fundamental property of the universe. I held off publication of the original version of this book series in 2000 to write about this model, as I claimed the brain was quantum computing and living things would be bristling with nanoscale quantum technology. Since then there have been more discoveries of life using quantum technology and a new field of quantum biology emerged around 2011.


Human evil, the brain and neurotechnology

It looked like nothing much was happening in the world, but in the last five years it’s really become apparent that the world is starting to go through some serious upheavals and exciting changes. My view is that our current technology hasn’t tolerated human evil very well, hence the global mess we are in, and that emerging disruptive technologies will have even less tolerance, which means the imperative to raise consciousness is ever more critical. As the brain is the key to this and neurotechnology (like neurofeedback) is the key to naturally empower brains, it’s still the only way I can see to uplift enough people powerfully and fast enough to enable us to survive. This is the evolution of spirit, science and metaphysics.


Mathematical Insight is Specialised Mystical Perception