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A New World: Book I: The Science of Higher Dimensional Computation and Metaphysics


  • If you are interested in challenging, provocative metaphysical ideas, with the scientific details supplied by citations of hundreds of innovative scientists and other deep thinkers or are interested in our future.
  • If you are an atheist yet have an interest in the possibility of the metaphysical. You are not interested in religious or new age material, as you need to be convinced with solid science.
  • If you are an intellectual spiritual person who may or may not see yourself as new age but need and want the most modern scientific understanding of your spiritual beliefs, to fully satisfy your intellect.
  • If you are a religious person who is looking to supersede the tradition worldview and beliefs you have with a more modern, elegant and integrated version.

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“I have had the opportunity to read more of your truly fascinating book. You have done an incredible amount of work! Most impressive! It is also an excellent resource/reference source!”

Joseph, PhD neuroscientist and author of over 51 peer reviewed scientific papers and books including “Astrobiology, the Origin of Life, and the Death of Darwinism”, “Hitler’s Diaries, Starring Adolf Hitler: The Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler”, “The Transmitter to God”, “Neurotheology: Brain, Science, Spirituality, Religious Experience

What makes this Book series distinct is that it integrates the entire picture from the deepest transcendental level of the universe to the human brain and mind, society, technology, evolution and spirituality.

There is an epochal transition accelerating towards us driven by science and technology, the laws of self-organisation, evolution and consciousness. This transition is evolutionary and spiritual. It involves the greatest changes to us as individuals, as a species, and to the very foundations of our civilization that will sweep away everything that is familiar.

A NEW WORLD series will build vital bridges between these views as part of a great reconciliation and provide practical solutions to move humanity forward.

These competing views include:

  • New age models that rely on cosmic shifts, the return of angels or enlightened masters, or simply meditating and adopting ancient practices to enlighten us.
  • Scientific models in the Transhuman and Singularity movements that believe we will upload our mind into a computer and become immortal and godlike.
  • Scientific beliefs that super intelligent AI will be conscious and godlike and will save us.
  • Modern scientific ideas that our world, including us are all an elaborate simulation run by advanced aliens, and there is nothing we can do.
  • Social models that believe the social media will enable popular movements to change the world.
  • Religious ideas that focus on the coming of Christ.
  • New age and mainstream ideas that aliens will rescue us.
  • People who believe technology alone will save us.
  • Economic rationalists who think the free market will automatically solve all our problems.
  • A great many people of all persuasions believe that we are doomed, are in denial, or simply ignorant bliss.


“A very informative and provocative book, filled with well thought out and thoroughly researched ideas.”

Trevor Douglas PhD Nutritional Biochemist

  • The Transition is Evolutionary and Spiritual
  • Science is Essential to Our Spiritual Transformation
  • Technology Amplifies the Good and the Bad
  • The quantum vacuum is an infinite higher dimension
  • Consciousness is non-computational and fundamental

Section One: The Scientific Worldview, is a thorough analysis of science and how it has created a flawed view of the universe and life—due to the brain’s hardwiring, thinking and learning styles, the philosophy of empiricism and the extreme use of measurement and reductionism, along with the battle with the church for the hearts and minds of the people.

Section Two: A Metaphysical Scientific Worldview describes how the quantum vacuum is an infinite higher dimension, which is why there are so many so-called counter intuitive, paradoxical and weird quantum behaviours, like wave-particle duality, non-locality and superposition, etc—all effects of higher dimensional phenomena projecting into our lower dimensional world, which solves all of the problems with creating a theory of everything and reconciliation with relativity theory.

Section Three: The Information Universe describes for the first time a higher dimensional computational model of the cosmos, based on the latest understanding in set theory, quantum information and quantum theory, artificial life, complexity, computation and mathematics with hierarchical, numerological metaphysics, called the Information Model.

Section Four: Life applies the information model to life. As the cosmos is conscious and consciousness is life then the cosmos is alive and conscious. In our universe everything is alive and conscious to varying degrees. The design for life that has, does and may exist, already exists eternally as potential in archetypal patterns or software in higher dimensions.


“To me, this book came as a huge breath of fresh air. Jonathan Banks proposes a number of exciting, individual and original ideas. A journey down these paths is enormously rewarding. His arguments are cogently and lucidly disposed, he writes well and engagingly. A book like this immensely readable volume is a work of substance that examines its subject matter thoughtfully, is intellectually stimulating and opens rewarding avenues of thought.”

Mark Sykes, Senior Editor

If you are interested in challenging, provocative metaphysical ideas, with the scientific details supplied by citations of hundreds of innovative scientists and other deep thinkers or are interested in our future— then opt-in to get your FREE 50 page excerpt NOW!