A New World Book 1

The Science of Higher Dimensional Computation and Metaphysics




A New World: Book I: The Science of Higher Dimensional Computation and Metaphysics


This is the first book in series of three, which describes many thought provoking and controversial ideas, argued and backed up by real science. It presents a new theory of the universe and our place in it, drawing on the power of science, ancient spiritual wisdom and metaphysics. What makes this book distinct is that it integrates the entire picture, from the deepest transcendental level of the cosmos, to the human brain, mind and consciousness, to society, technology, evolution and spirituality.

This integration is essential if we are to successfully navigate the greatest transition humanity is currently accelerating towards, described by science as the singularity and foretold by ancient seers. This transition is both evolutionary and spiritual, driven by science, technology and the nonlinear dynamics of complex systems and transcendental levels of consciousness. There are enormous challenges; very real dangers, but also the greatest potential for the spiritual evolution of individuals and the technological evolution of civilisation—to create a utopian-like new world.

This transition is forcing us to face the dark side of our nature once and for all, as we will not survive the technology we are creating, which along with the current materialist, reductionist scientific worldview has created all the problems we face now. Technology amplifies the good and bad of humanity. We need the powerful new emerging technologies to fix our intractable problems but the catch-22 is that technology will have even less tolerance of our bad behaviour and erroneous beliefs, than the technology we have now—so we could destroy ourselves. Therefore, we have to change on the inside too, and the brain is the key to this and neurotechnologies are the key to changing brains, which change minds. A New World book series addresses the most fundamental aspects of what we need to do to survive the transition and create the most optimum future, in the most balanced and comprehensive way.

Science is universal, and is the driving force and foundation of our civilisation and survival. Recognition of this is not obvious to the majority of spiritual seekers and many religious followers. What is even less obvious to all is that science is essential to our spiritual transformation. The essence of science is a quest for truth and applying that truth in the world, which is a reflection of our highest spirituality, regardless of science’s current limited anti-spiritual, materialist worldview. Therefore, it is essential to have a modern metaphysical scientific worldview, to reflect science’s true essence and the truth of reality. Then science can heal the rift between atheism and spirituality in all its forms by truly understanding and accounting for the essential truth behind all of the world’s religious, shamanic, metaphysical, and new age beliefs, without blanket denial. Science can then help to upgrade and modernize all of these belief systems, so that globally we have a shared worldview that is both rational and spiritual, which is not just a philosophical project but a necessity for our survival. I am convinced science is the only institution that can do this.

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Section One: The Scientific Worldview, is a thorough analysis of science and how it has created a flawed view of the universe and life—due to the brain’s hardwiring, thinking and learning styles, the philosophy of empiricism and the extreme use of measurement and reductionism, along with the battle with the church for the hearts and minds of the people. This has created a cold, mechanistic, fractured and finite view of the universe and life, with humanity as objective observers, painted out of the picture—immune from the laws of nature. Science and humanity have paid a heavy price, as this flawed worldview is a major cause of the current crisis we face. The new science of Complexity gives us a new scientific holistic understanding of every aspect of our world as an interconnected entity, where everything affects everything else and everything is obeying dynamical systems laws. This principle actually expresses a very metaphysical view of the world and a much needed antidote to the historic dependence in science on reductionism. It provides another way to heal and integrate the two conflicting worldviews.

Section One: Contents

Science spirituality and the Singularity

The Promise of Science

The Worldview of Science

When Science is Biased

Science versus Religion


Mesmerised by Measurement


Thinking and Learning Styles

True Objectivity––a Cultural Myth of Science

Logic and Cause Effect

Science and the Supernatural

Wisdom from the Past

Modern Language versus Ancient Language

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Section Two: A Metaphysical Scientific Worldview describes how the quantum vacuum is an infinite higher dimension, which is why there are so many so-called counter intuitive, paradoxical and weird quantum behaviours, like wave-particle duality, non-locality and superposition, etc—all effects of higher dimensional phenomena projecting into our lower dimensional world. It is also why quantum theory has never been reconciled with relativity, as quantum theory is a mathematical model of an infinite, higher dimensional world and relativity is a mathematical model of a finite, lower dimensional world and not theories of the big and small aspects of space-time, as they are portrayed. A higher dimensional model of the quantum vacuum describes the big bang, inflation, symmetry breaking, infinite parallel universes, multiverse and the string universes as Newtonian-like 3D metaphors for infinite potential and processes that took place in a higher dimension. A higher dimensional interpretation of the quantum vacuum could pave the way for a theory of everything and provide a natural mechanism for design and metaphysical phenomena in our universe.

Section Two includes a brief description of an elegant, scientific, metaphysical worldview based on an integration of the new science of complexity and higher dimensional physics, with the essence of the best shamanic and mystical teachings. Complexity gives us a new scientific holistic understanding of every aspect of our world as an interconnected entity, where everything affects everything else with everything following dynamical systems laws. This principle actually expresses a very metaphysical view of the world and a much needed antidote to the historic dependence in science on reductionism. It provides another way to heal and integrate the two conflicting worldviews. Consciousness is described as similar to a quantum field description of a particle that is infinitely spread out in space yet simultaneously can be localised or concentrated in a certain place.

Section Two: Contents

Quantum Myths

Is the Quantum Vacuum a Higher Dimension?

Twistors Loops and Strings

Why Time Entropy and 3 Dimensions?

Problems with Quantum Space-time

Applications of Higher Dimensional Physics

The Big Flash

God Consciousness and Life

Mystical and Mathematical Insight

It’s all Connected

A Spiritual Scientific Worldview

A Comparison of Worldviews

A New World

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Section Three: The Information Universe describes for the first time a higher dimensional computational model of the cosmos, based on the latest understanding in set theory, quantum information and quantum theory, artificial life, complexity, computation and mathematics with hierarchical, numerological metaphysics, called the Information Model. Set theory is the logic of all mathematics and mathematics underlies physics. The set theory universe describes a hierarchy of greater infinite sets, each one contains the set below it ending in Cantor’s Absolute, which is not a set as it contains itself. The Absolute can be seen as a god concept, equivalent to the God of religion, however based on the reflection principle, it is infinitely incompressible and directly unknowable, which is similar to the best mystical descriptions of God.

In the new field of quantum information theory, information is seen as more fundamental than matter and energy and physicists believe it could transform the understanding of quantum theory. They also believe the universe is computing and at a quantum level it is simulating itself. In the information model based on the above ideas, the hierarchy of sets is seen as computational substrates that simulate the substrate below them. Computation in this model is abstract and nothing like our classical computers or even quantum computing. The information universe is infinitely connected, demonstrated by quantum non-locality, quantum computing Twistor Theory, connectionist models, complex numbers and fractal geometry.

The cosmos is both computational and non-computational. Computation provides the structure and mechanism for the cosmos and consciousness is the non-computational aspect. Computation provides consciousness with the unique perspective to observe and experience the cosmos or creation. Consciousness is a direct expression of the Absolute with infinite acceptance and divine love and is also life, known as the lifeforce. The purpose of the cosmos is for consciousness to observe and experience. The cosmos has an infinite amount of computational structure, you can think of as agents or entities, including us, all experiencing consciousness from their own inner, personal perspective. Physicists have discovered that our universe is finely tuned for life to exit, especially sentient life and concluded it demonstrates design and purpose, which emerges naturally from the information universe model.

The computational nature of the cosmos provides design for the manifestation and evolution of our universe and the evolution of life, as the contents of higher dimensional software that contains everything that has, does and could exist. Some physicists claim that bio-information that created life must be non-local, which equates to the contents of the higher dimensional software or archetypal life patterns that provides design. Evolution can be seen as a search engine that downloads this potential and computes it as self organisation and emergence, which produces the patterns in life, uncovered by chaos dynamics, cellular automata and artificial life simulations. Therefore there is design and purpose in the universe, as many scientists are beginning to conclude.

Section Three: Contents

Does the Universe Compute?

The Universe as a Mind

Quantum Information

Fundamental Information

Where Does the Complexity Come From?

The Set Theory Universe

The Information Universe

A Turning Point for Humanity

Consciousness in the Information Universe

God in an Information Universe

A God We Can Work With

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Section Four: Life applies the information model to life. As the cosmos is conscious and consciousness is life then the cosmos is alive and conscious. In our universe everything is alive and conscious to varying degrees. The design for life that has, does and may exist, already exists eternally as potential in archetypal patterns or software in higher dimensions. All existing metaphysical models that use science merely state that everything is vibrating energy underpinned by consciousness, which is true but vague and incomplete. There is no mechanism for intelligence and mind. Yet all metaphysical models of the past tell us there isn’t just energy but an ecology of higher dimensional intelligences in the form of spirits, angels’ demons, gods, etc.

Based on artificial life simulations, artificial intelligence (AI) and computation, mind and intelligence, are a natural outcome of the higher dimensional computational dynamics, in the information universe. Therefore the cosmos must be teeming with an infinite amount of agents or entities that could be thought of as hyperspatial intelligences (HIs). As they are higher dimensional entities they would appear god-like to us and traditionally have been referred to as gods, angels, demons, spirits etc. The most important HI for humanity is the agent that represents all life and consciousness on earth, known as Gaia. It’s possible this entity is already attempting to communicate with us through crop circles.

The computational and non-computational duality in the cosmos exits within us, as we have a brain that creates a computational mind with a virtual self and a simulated experience of the world around us, which is the computational level. Non-computational consciousness seamlessly ties the computational experience together as a whole, in a way we don’t notice and so take for granted. Our brain provides the most complex computational structure in the universe for consciousness, therefore we have the most sophisticated expression of consciousness. If there was no consciousness we would be sophisticated zombies. However, the evolution of sentience demands that we eventually realise there are two levels and shift from the virtual to the consciousness self, which can be seen as a computational model of traditional enlightenment. We are at that evolutionary point now. This doesn’t mean complex AI and artificial lifeforms we will create will be conscious. It’s possible we can test this with an idea explained in Section Two called the conscious observer test, which is based on a quantum measurement where a conscious observer collapses the wavepacket. If human or super level AI couldn’t do this, it isn’t conscious.

In the information model life is multidimensional with at least one virtual higher dimensional body and a physical body that the sciences of complexity and artificial life tell us is computing and exists as an abstract pattern of information that is independent of the material form. Within this physical body is a subtle energy system probably dark energy that the Chinese call chi. There is an extensive hierarchy of bioelectrical fields described in the new science of bioelectrics. Physically the body is filled with nanomachines. It is also bristling with nanoscale quantum technology, which is now being discovered in the new science of quantum biology. The hierarchy of causality goes from the higher dimensional body to the subtle energy system, then the bioelectrics and then the chemistry and molecular machinery. There is another causal chain that goes from consciousness to brain and then the body to the molecular and chemical level and back up through the first causal path. The lifeforce is not abstract organisation, any subtle energy or soul, it is simply consciousness that localises in the computational structure in time and space. The more sophisticated that structure the more consciousness is expressed.

Section Four: Contents

Scientific Definitions of Life

Origins of Life: Is it All in the Chemistry?

Life Is a Continuum

Artificial Life Information and Computation

Life is Computing

Life Uses Quantum Technology

Non-local Bio-information

Design and the Laws of Physics

Evolution—Is There Design?

Evolution and the Trend to Complexity

Is There a Lifeforce?

Hyperspatial Life and Intelligence

The Future of Evolution

If you are interested in challenging, provocative metaphysical ideas, with the scientific details supplied by citations of hundreds of innovative scientists and other deep thinkers or are interested in our future—then read this book!


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