A New World Book 3

Science and Our Spiritual and Technological Transformation



A New World: Book III: Science and our Spiritual and Technological Transformation


Book III is unique among metaphysical books in that it not only embraces the scientific reality of our world but also it describes and urges a possible future, which includes the most significant disruptive technologies of atomic precision manufacturing, super intelligent AI, and synthetic biology, which are necessary to heal the biosphere and give us a truly bio-friendly sustainable world, which is essential for a technologically advanced spiritual society to thrive.

Agent based simulations

Additionally, Book III embraces the new sciences of complexity and artificial life and their use of a new form of simulation called agent based simulations that will allow us to steer our way to the most optimal future. Complexity gives us a new scientific holistic understanding of every aspect of our world as an interconnected entity, where everything affects everything else, with everything following dynamical systems laws. This principle actually expresses a very metaphysical view of the world and a much needed antidote to the historic dependence in science on reductionism. It provides another way to heal and integrate the two conflicting worldviews.

Ending History

Complexity and agent-based simulation have also provided evidence that our history has been spiralling around repeating patterns of greed, domination, violence, and abuse, regardless of advances in sophistication and that we are headed for the biggest change in history that could end this loop. This viewpoint aligns with all the ancient predictions that this time in history is one of an enormous shift, greater than anything in our past. Every form of social, resource, wealth management and governance of all forms has failed to control human evil, and this failure is evidence for the need to uplift humanity with metaphysical neuroscience models and applications focused on the brain, which holds the key to evil and enlightenment. This will end history and usher in a new evolutionary stage for humanity.


Contents Book III

Section One: Evolving and Enhancing Society

Our Current Situation

Balancing the Feedback

High versus Low Sentient Fitness

Repeating History

Increasing Sentient Fitness

Enhancing top-down systems

Universal Top-down Feedback

Agent Based Models for a Civilisation in Transition

Designing Society

Section Two: Will we be Masters or Slaves?

Artificial Life

Artificial What?

Super Intelligence in Forty Years?

A-life and AI Will Force a Paradigm Change

No More Frankensteins

We are the Masters

AI Can Manage Our Affairs

AI as a Catalyst for Our Enlightenment

Section Three: The Great Evolutionary Transition of Humanity

All Roads Lead to Transition

Science, Religion and Wisdom

Evolution on a New Level

Punctuating Our Evolutionary Equilibrium

Human Enhancement

The Transition as enlightenment

The Creative Orientation

Cultural Diversity in a Global Community

Co-evolution and Beyond

The River of Life

The Humbleness of the Shaman

Lifeforce––What’s it up to?

Our Destiny at the End of History

The Ride of Our Lives



Jonathan Robert Banks
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A New World: Science and our Spiritual and Technological Transformation