This is the first book in series of three, which describes many thought provoking and controversial ideas, argued and backed up by real science. It presents a new theory of the universe and our place in it, drawing on the power of science, ancient spiritual wisdom and metaphysics. What makes this book distinct is that it integrates the entire picture, from the deepest transcendental level of the cosmos, to the human brain, mind and consciousness, to society, technology, evolution and spirituality.

This integration is essential if we are to successfully navigate the greatest transition humanity is currently accelerating towards, described by science as the singularity and foretold by ancient seers. This transition is both evolutionary and spiritual, driven by science, technology and the nonlinear dynamics of complex systems and transcendental levels of consciousness. There are enormous challenges; very real dangers, but also the greatest potential for the spiritual evolution of individuals and the technological evolution of civilisation—to create a utopian-like new world.

This transition is forcing us to face the dark side of our nature once and for all, as we will not survive the technology we are creating, which along with the current materialist, reductionist scientific worldview has created all the problems we face now. Technology amplifies the good and bad of humanity. We need the powerful new emerging technologies to fix our intractable problems but thecatch-22 is that technology will have even less tolerance of our bad behaviour and erroneous beliefs, than the technology we have now—so we could destroy ourselves. Therefore, we have to change on the inside too, and the brain is the key to this and neurotechnologies are the key to changing brains, which change minds. A New World book series addresses the most fundamental aspects of what we need to do to survive the transition and create the most optimum future, in the most balanced and comprehensive way.

Science is universal, and is the driving force and foundation of our civilisation and survival. Recognition of this is not obvious to the majority of spiritual seekers and many religious followers. What is even less obvious to all is that science is essential to our spiritual transformation. The essence of science is a quest for truth and applying that truth in the world, which is a reflection of our highest spirituality, regardless of science’s current limited anti-spiritual, materialist worldview. Therefore, it is essential to have a modern metaphysical scientific worldview, to reflect science’s true essence and the truth of reality. Then science can heal the rift between atheism and spirituality in all its forms by truly understanding and accounting for the essential truth behind all of the world’s religious, shamanic, metaphysical, and new age beliefs, without blanket denial. Science can then help to upgrade and modernize all of these belief systems, so that globally we have a shared worldview that is both rational and spiritual, which is not just a philosophical project but a necessity for our survival. I am convinced science is the only institution that can do this.